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Évora Tour

The Évora Tour takes us to the heart of Alentejo, the biggest region in Portugal. In the Évora Tour, we will find ourselves surrounded by a luxuriant nature, with the golden and green fields this region has to offer.

Évora Tour

In this Évora Tour, you will witness an extraordinary architectural heritage. Évora has been qualified as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the most diversified cities in the country, assembling a rich culture and a delicious and variegated gastronomy.

The Évora Tour reveals one of the most beautiful Roman Temples, the Diana Temple, located right in the middle of its historical centre. Take the opportunity afforded by the Évora Tour to taste the true feast of typical gastronomy offered by the different local restaurants. As any of our tours, the Évora Tour is an excellent chance to take with you some perfect souvenirs made of cork, the raw material of election in this region, as well as traditional garments like cloaks, or even baskets and furniture such as wicker chairs.

In this Évora Tour, go for a coach ride and admire all the beauty of the Giraldo Square and of the gracious historical centre which deserves your best attention, from the Church of Saint Antão to the marble fountain, not forgetting the lighting decorating the city coat of arms

In this trip in Portugal, the Évora Tour does not fail to travel into the past, paying a visit to the Almendres Cromlech and the Aqueduct of Silver Water and letting you appreciate the cultural satisfaction always offered by the Theatre Garcia de Resende.

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