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Sanctuary of Fátima Tour

Beyond the Sanctuary of Fátima, on this Fátima Tour you can learn about the House of the Three Little Shepherd to whom the Virgin Mary appeared more than 100 years ago.

Sanctuary of Fátima Tour

On this tour you will learn about the three little shepherds who witnessed the appearance of a ‘lady wearing white’ on 13th of May 1917, after which the Chapel of the Apparitions (Capelinha das Aparições) in Cova de Santa Iria was built.

Virgin Mary brought a message in the form of a constant prayer asking the little shepherds to announce to everyone the need to pray the rosary for the conversion of sinners as well as of Russia and the Holy Father.

On another trip to Portugal with Fátima Tour, you can visit the wooden arch with a cross – a sacred site which marks the site of the apparitions and which takes thousands of religious people every year travelling on a pilgrimage.

The construction of the Sanctuary of Fátima as well as the various religious orders that settled in here, have brought a huge development for the parish of Fátima which went from a village to a city on July 12th 1997.

Whether you want to pray or simply to visit, enjoy Fátima Tour for the delicious lunch of Piglets Mealhada and carry one of the best dining memories of Portugal with you.

With Fátima Tour you won’t miss the opportunity to see the Monastery of Batalha or the Monastery of Saint Mary of the Victory built in 1386 by D. João I King of Portugal as a gratitude gesture to Virgin Mary for the victory of Aljubarrota.

On this Fátima Tour we also visit the Monastery of Alcobaça founded in 1778 by the Cistercian Order, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. It is here that D. Pedro and Inês de Castro were buried after having lived an intense romance with the most tragic outcome.

Towards the end on Fátima Tour, you can see with your own eyes the size of the giant waves (reaching over 30 meters sometimes) where Fátima Tour surfs!!!

Finally get to know Óbidos guarding centuries of history among its walls and hosting a vast architectural heritage teeming with historical and religious motifs. The famous ‘village of kings and queens’ used to be the choice location for rest and recreation of the Portuguese court. Needless to say that we do not return to Lisbon before trying first the famous liqueur Ginjinha de Óbidos, after which our Fátima Tour comes to an end.

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