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Come to the aerodrome in Évora to make a Parachute Jump of 60’’ free-fall at 4200 meters high – under the supervision of an Examiner, an Instructor and the Jump Master in Tandem free-fall Jorge Grade (the parachute jump can and should be photographed and/or filmed).

SkiDiving - under the supervision of Jorge Grade

Jorge Grade represents Portugal around the world and he was National Champion of a 4-way Training Flight for seven times. In the state of Texas USA, he was well ranked amongst the fellow 163 skydivers in free-fall.

iDriveU takes you safely on yet another trip around Portugal for a pleasant dining experience in one of the many restaurants in town, to rest and recover your energies.

You can be surely to experience a day well spent, which certainly won’t lack large doses of adrenaline for those who may wish to try or repeat the extraordinary sensation of jumping with a parachute.

In addition to safety, comfort and creativity, iDriveU – Tours & Transfers also offers you Wi-Fi and free bottled water.

iDriveU – We disclose secrets, we share emotions.



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